About The YOU CAN THRIVE! Foundation

Why was this innovative breast cancer support paradigm developed?

You Can Thrive!
YCT was founded in New York City in 2005. Our visionary programs were developed with an insider’s perspective. As a young survivor hyper-aware of all the pink ribbons, Luana DeAngelis found herself wondering why the bulk of funds raised were "all for the cure, and none for the women” largely bypassing those who truly suffered. Feeling inspired, our founder enlisted the skills of those in the community who feel kindred to the idea of easing the journey for people with breast cancer. Since 2005, she's developed, grown, and executed a replicable palliative care model designed to make a real difference in the lives and outcomes of people with cancer. Read her story here.


The History of You Can Thrive!
We opened doors of our first Integrative Survivorship Center for Breast Cancer in Flatiron, April 2007. We've been continuing to expand exponentially since. In 2010, the foundation grew massively with larger space and more services, adding nutritional seminars weekly to our comprehensive multi-tiered program. In fall of 2011 we partnered to reopen in a new 10,000 sq ft. Integrative Survivorship center. In 2013 Hurricane Sandy shut down operations and in 2016 we moved to Centre for Social Innovation and began operations in a new space. As of summer 2016, we find ourselves serving over 160 active members, our largest community to date!


MISSION FORWARD: We are working together again to create a permanent home that belongs to women with cancer and will always be there for rehabilitative palliative care in New York City. On top of that, we re expanding into affiliate operations in Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. We need your support to solve the space issues we've had throughout our history. Please click here to donate today and support our mission. Consider a recurring monthly donation. It costs only $15 to provide relief services for a woman with cancer, such as acupuncture, massage therapy or a yoga class! Only a few million to be a hero and help us realize a permanent home.

Through partnerships and support from foundations, private funders and benefactors in our community, we are addressing mind/body/spirit with unique supportive services previously unavailable to the community at large. Together we can create a new movement in healthcare, by the people and for the people. Because We are Pink for People! Are you?


Board Members
* Luana DeAngelis, Founder & CEO
* Dr. Sheldon Feldman, Board Chair & Medical Director
* Lauren Camp, Vice Chair Investment Banking at JP Morgan
* Lindsay McDonnell, Thriver & designer extraordinaire
* Marisa Acocella Marchetto, Thriver & best-selling graphic novelist
* Former Member RIP: Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Integrative Oncologist


OUR FOCUS ON HEALING: Our quality of life programs can alleviate unnecessary pain, disability, and distress (ex: fear of death & recurrence) that often accompanies a diagnosis of cancer, and resurfaces after treatment or during extended living with disease. By providing affordable access we support the under-served populations that tend to fare worse when diagnosed. You Can Thrive’s replicable model fills a critical and well-identified chasm in long-term survivorship support for breast cancer survivors, when they need it most and can afford it least. Click here to see our events and workshops.