Do you need help or support after a breast cancer diagnosis?

You Can Thrive! Foundation has trained and experienced survivor advocates and patient navigators on staff. We believe in meeting face-to-face in a safe, comfortable and peer supportive environment. Helping you communicate with your doctor, understand your diagnosis and treatment plan, gain a sense of control and support you in your ability to thrive throughout.

Patient Navigation Services, provides a safe space to air your story and concerns, coupled with the education and information you need to move forward --no matter where you are in your journey.

Our patient navigation program is sponsored by a grant from

CLICK HERE if you're interested in training to be a patient navigator in your community

Support People with Breast Cancer

If you are a breast cancer survivor interested in personal advocacy or navigation services, please Contact Us for an in-person or phone appointment.

Pet and Peer Support

Psychosocial services can provide significant benefits in quality of life and success in coping with serious and life-threatening disease for patients and their families. Besides meeting their peers each week and having an informal supportive environment we offer pet therapy.

Animals have an incredible calming energy about them, as evidenced by the prevalent use of therapy animals, particularly dogs, in hospital and clinical settings. It is profound to place a cuddly pooch in the lap of a traumatized survivor and witness the change.

Here you see another of our advocates, providing comfort. His name is Fonzie and he's 4 pounds of calm and love. He a licensed AKC canine good citizen and service pooch and he does wonders when emotions overpower us. He's really good at relaxing us, and relaxing with us.

Our survivorship model provides a relaxing forum in which surivors find each other and as equals they come together and share experiences for a unique friendship and informal peer-support experience.