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Friends of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor Present: A Two-Part All-Night Full Moon Memorial Honoring His Life Vocal Ceremony with Silvia Nakkach followed by Therapeutic Sound & Reiki Slumber Limited Tickets Now Available CLICK BELOW TO GET YOURS TODAY CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR VOCAL CEREMONY & OPENING WITH SILVIA NAKKACH TICKET $50.00 USD DINNER SERVED WITH PART ONE CLICK HERE… Read More »

Raw Superfood Truffle Recipe

Maca Root Powder Brazil Nuts Walnut, Almond or Cashew Flour Chia Seeds Hemp Nut Ground Goji Berries Ground Cacao Nibs Shredded Coconut Cocoa Powder Figs Agave or Stevia Tangerine Oil Coconut Oil Vanilla Use any combination of ingredients you like. If you’re using Gogi berries, Brazil nuts, or cacao nibs, these can be crushed in a food… Read More »

Therapeutic Sound for Palliative Cancer Care

In memory of Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor (1956-2015) who helped inspire the expansion of the sound program at You Can Thrive. Therapeutic sound and vibrational medicine can facilitate deep meditative states in individuals with cancer diagnoses. The distinctions between specific sound-based modalities may seem negligible but the difference between sound therapy and a therapeutic sound is significant.… Read More »

Is Washing Vegetables a Waste of Time? + Veggie Wash Recipe

To wash or not to wash? In 1996, the Food Quality Protection Act mandated strict regulation on pesticide levels in produce. Since then, the FDA’s vigilant policy has meant that food is safer now than it was twenty years ago. The problem is, not all fruits and vegetables are equal. Different varieties maintain more agricultural chemicals despite similar exposure. Plus,… Read More »

Drink your way to health!

According to ancient Chinese, Kombucha is “The Immortal Health Elixir” — it has an anecdotal history of preventing degenerative diseases, including arthritis. To us it’s slimy goodness! Made from tea that undergos a fermentation process with a culture, the end result is a fizzy, nourishing probiotic drink. Although the kombucha brewing process uses sugar, the SCOBY… Read More »

New Screening Guidelines. All about the money?? #EmotionalTopic

The American Cancer Society finally announced sweeping changes in the breast cancer screening guidelines based on independent meta analysis of the data. We’ve been expecting this since the US Preventative Services Task Force published their recommendations years ago. But is it all about the money? Corruption? The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is an independent, volunteer group… Read More »

Life is a Spoon….

We all go through it. The stuff that makes us worried, sad, angry, confused, depressed, sick, depleted or stressed. It seems sometimes that life is so full of the above that you can hardly find the bright, joyful, loving moments between all the ‘static’. It seems to me that Life is a Spoon. The spoon just… Read More »

The Canola Oil Con

Some “experts” will say canola oil is good for us and mainstream media will lead us to believe it is “good for the heart”. Canola oil is primarily a monounsaturated fat with only a minimal amount of saturated fat, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Sounds good but here’s the problem – There is… Read More »

Understanding, the #1 Way to Help Someone with Cancer

What’s the #1 thing you can do to help someone with cancer. UNDERSTANDING. Understanding of the politics of cancer and funding, and through that understanding helping to create awareness of THEIR plight in this conundrum. How can we really create a change in the health of our population and help people with cancer, prevent the disease… Read More »