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YCT was founded in New York City in 2005. Our visionary programs were developed with an insider’s perspective. As a young survivor hyper-aware of all the pink ribbons, Luana DeAngelis found herself wondering why the bulk of funds raised were "all for the cure, and none for the women” largely bypassing those who truly suffered. Feeling inspired, our founder enlisted the skills of those in the community who feel kindred to the idea of easing the journey for people with breast cancer. Since 2005, she's developed, grown, and executed a replicable palliative care model designed to make a real difference in the lives and outcomes of people with cancer.

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Join us October 2016!

Friends of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor Present: A Two-Part All-Night Full Moon Memorial Honoring His Life Vocal Ceremony with Silvia Nakkach followed by Therapeutic Sound & Reiki Slumber Limited Tickets Now Available CLICK BELOW TO GET YOURS TODAY CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR VOCAL CEREMONY & OPENING WITH SILVIA NAKKACH TICKET $50.00 USD DINNER SERVED WITH PART ONE CLICK HERE […]

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Raw Superfood Truffle Recipe

Maca Root Powder Brazil Nuts Walnut, Almond or Cashew Flour Chia Seeds Hemp Nut Ground Goji Berries Ground Cacao Nibs Shredded Coconut Cocoa Powder Figs Agave or Stevia Tangerine Oil Coconut Oil Vanilla Use any combination of ingredients you like. If you’re using Gogi berries, Brazil nuts, or cacao nibs, these can be crushed in a food […]

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Therapeutic Sound for Palliative Cancer Care

In memory of Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor (1956-2015) who helped inspire the expansion of the sound program at You Can Thrive. Therapeutic sound and vibrational medicine can facilitate deep meditative states in individuals with cancer diagnoses. The distinctions between specific sound-based modalities may seem negligible but the difference between sound therapy and a therapeutic sound is significant. […]

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