Human Particle Theory Pt 1: Relationships creation & destruction

Its’ so interesting how you can apply particle physics to life. What holds us together? How do things work? In my solitude and learning about particles this similarity came to me, it resulted in a theory about human interaction as an extension of particle physics. This also applies to individual health/epigenetics and the health of society as a whole. When you really… Read More »

Remember To Breathe

Say What?? But we do breathe, 24/7, with no effort or thought! Well, that’s part of the problem right there. Most of us don’t realize that our shallow, involuntary breathing fills only the top portion of our lungs. It will benefit us to try to get as much oxygen into our bodies as often as possible… Read More »

Green Cleaning With Essential Oils

Winter is a great time to start reducing toxins in our home. We are spending more time indoors where the air can be more toxic than the outdoor air. Many ingredients in conventional household products are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins, just to name a few. Essential oils are a safe alternative. Used in… Read More »

The Dangers of K-Cups

The Keurig and K-Cups: The best things to happen to a cup of coffee since the emergence of the first cup of coffee! ((Clears Throat… Ahem)), I mean, worst. Aside from the obvious detriments K-cup plastic pods (and plastic, in general) cause on the environment, have you ever stopped to wonder about the bodily complications… Read More »

Heal Your Body with Lemon

LEMONS: A tangy-sweet citrus fruit that when paired with water and sugar on a hot summer’s day will make you kick your feet up and say, ‘aahhh’. But do lemons provide more than just a refreshing juice to sip on while you’re next to the pool? The cure for cancer—everyone is looking for it. Some… Read More »

Is Your Healthy Diet Carcinogenic?

Olive Oil: One of the most coveted, heart-healthy fats left out on the counter because of its pleasing aesthetics. It’s great atop salads or worked into al dente pasta. It even does wonders in low-heat baking recipes. Sadly, even in all its glory, olive oil can actually be a detriment to your health. All oils have… Read More »

The Handy – Not So Dandy – Hand Sanitizers

Germ free hands, on-the-go, in seconds, anywhere, anytime. What could be better? Seemed like a perfect solution to ward off germs. Suddenly we are hearing hand sanitizers are really unhealthy for us and bad for our skin. Repeated use over time will even accelerate the appearance of aging on our hands, that most of us… Read More »

Debunking Myths: The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Commercialized products and skin care “experts” covertly advertise oil as something to stay clear of by pushing consumers onto oil-free products. Fact of the matter is, oil is a natural part of the skin’s structure, it actually helps nourish the skin, and it is produced all its own oil – it’s called sebum. Sebum is… Read More »

Double Mastectomy Angelina Jolie, Mistake?

When Angelina Jolie came out to say she had a prophylactic double mastectomy after a genetic mutation was found and a strong family history of breast cancer. I started to receive messages from people saying “What is with people chopping off their body parts just in case???” Then in the media a great fear that… Read More »