Over 80% of people with cancer are interested or using complimentary therapies You Can Thrive! with Free Health Resources.

You Can Thrive! Foundation creates integrative survivorship and advocacy resources and makes them free and low cost to breast cancer survivors under one roof. Our repliable integrative program provides symptom reduction and stress relief services to help clients obtain balance. Along with Patient Navigation, and Nutritional counseling and educational forums, to help people diagnosed to implement healthy practices and identify risk factors for a feeling of empowerment.

Integrative therapies are proven helpful for many related side effects of cancer and it's treatments and stress relief and suffering reduction can improve outcomes. All the tools needed to go "from surviving to thriving".

You Can Thrive! has created the only program with a multi-tiered focus on helping cancer survivors with their symptoms and survivorship tools when they need it most and can afford it the least.

Our educational and service oriented programs promote healthy lifestyles and continued healing for all survivors regardless of the ability to pay.

InnerThrive! Integrative Survivorship Resources for Breast Cancer

New York City

By appointment: 917.463.4267

You Can Thrive! created this innovative support program to provide low-income and underinsured breast cancer survivors with educational resources and access to Survivorship Services through our Inner Thrive!™ Survivorship Center for Breast Cancer Recovery any survivor can gain access to helpful modalities like acupuncture, reiki, sound and sonic therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, advocacy, nutritional resources to help treatment related and other symptoms regardless of income. Our other programs promote spiritual/physical exercise and practices like our EcoThrive!™ and ExerThrive!™program

The Institute of Medicine found that once active treatment ends, many cancer survivors are left with no healthcare plan for the future. While the number of cancer survivors has tripled over the last 30 years due to advancements in early detection and treatment, the study indicates that cancer patients are left without a "survivorship plan". Our goal is to contine to lead the effort to fill this critical chasm that is widening in our current system and help to provide tools for long-term survivorship and prevention that are afordable and supportive for ALL breast cancer survivors.