click and see! Breast Cancer Survivors need you.

Capital Fundraising Campaign Provides permanent transformative safe space for all people with cancer, starting in NYC.

All donations are tax deductible.


We are dedicated improving cancer care in this country by ensuring that cancer survivors have the resources for better outcomes regardless of income and providing these therapies in a place where community, trust and support flourishes. Since 2007, You Can Thrive! foundation has facilitated free and low cost integrative therapies to breast cancer patients in donated space, and we have grown through three larger locations. This year we reached thousands with education and over 150 private clients with long-term transformative services. As the need for services is expanding, our financial constraints and space issues have become more of a challenge. We are proud to launch a $25M expansion campaign.

Right after huricane Sandy our most recent facility became unavailable and now, we find ourselves at a critical crossroads.


Our need for a permanent home and the resources to operate in a way that is in line with our vision is urgent. Please help us provide a safe space in New York City large enough to house this caring volunteer community.

Every day more people living with breast cancer call You Can Thrive! looking for help. They travel from as far as Eastern Long Island and Albany every week because we offer vital services and deliver them through a life changing program found nowhere else, supporting the whole patient through breast cancer and beyond.


We see the future of care for people with cancer including vital evidence based holistic modalities and education. We hope you will join us in this important endeavor. Your donation is important to provide relief, education and transformation to breast cancer survivors in need and shows you're alignment with the future vision of making this a model for aftercare for all cancers.

Vision of Our Next Center
Breast Cancer Treatment
Renderings by Gerry Ende

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