EcoThrive! Environmental Risk Reduction and Educational Resources:

Providing survivors with resources and accurate, helpful information for reducing the environmental risks of breast cancer, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Through partnerships with community educators, and with local healthy business', You Can Thrive! is supporting our sisters and their families in effective lifestyle changes. Individualized educational information empowers people diagnosed to become effective at identifying and reducing their environmental risks while developing a tailored long-term survivorship plan.

One third of all cancers can be PREVENTED with diet and lifestyle changes. People already diagnosed with breast cancer need support to understand and receive pertinent, accurate and evidence based information on strategies for reducing toxins and pollutants, eating locally and organically and adapting new practices in order improve their outcomes. In this way we assure the healthiest life for survivors and their families. Because prevention is the cure and women are the caretakers of society, we help them and they pass this information on to the next generation.

Partnerships and mobilization of the health concerned Community allows us to offer FREE education, organic food, recipes and weekly seminars to assure that survivors have the resources to THRIVE, in any neighborhood.

If you'd like to sponsor our program with organic produce, give a seminar or If you would like more information on our workshops, educational materials or other programs Contact Us