A Utopian Vision

Embrace the reality of inter-conectedness.

breast cancer social entrepeneurLuana DeAngelis is a Social Entrepreneur who has emerged in the field of integrative health, disease prevention and palliative cancer care. She descends as fourth generation in a family of women in natural health, and created You Can Thrive! in 2005 using this knowledge to transform first her experience with cancer and then the way cancer survivorship is approached by our system. Through her generational family background and professional experience in the holistic health field, she has become well known as an active patient advocate and public speaker for community building, palliative aftercare and patient needs.

Her passionate work creates momentum in the shift in our health care system, from treatment of disease towards a focus on cooperative hands-on prevention. Her charity effort You Can Thrive! empowers the community in manifesting their best lives and highest health through alleviating the suffering in their own backyards; by taking responsibility for their own health and the health of their community.

This non-profit effort has established a new holistic aftercare palliative care model for cancer working with the best professionals from across the NYC area. This effort is currently focused on building a new hybridized utopian preventative health-care model.

We are because we belong. Mirror neurons make us empathetic to other people. We share this with monkeys, dolphins and elephants. There is something in the brain that doesn't distinguish between ourselves and others. When you see someone suffering you feel it.

We pose this question: Because when we see another suffering we feel it, should we close our eyes? Can we work together see this and then cooperate to change it?

We are hardwired for a compassionate response when it comes to the trouble of others. The vegas nerve fires when you see something touching a tear comes to your eye there is a sense of elation. When you witness someone helping in a disaster everyone has a similar response. It's called "elevation" It creates endorphins and a sense of elation.

It's in our DNA! We are born to be egalitarian we are born to be our brother's keeper. It's an amazing emotion that creates a deep contentment. When we see someone sick does it make sense to say how can I help? That is a model that should spread. The sea is only drops of water that has come together -From various social leaders in the documentary I AM.

Join us in this movement.