Most Cancer Patients are interested or using complimentary therapies You Can Thrive! creates safe space and affordable integrative resources for breast cancer survivors. "Better outcomes regardless of income".

Our future vision is to open to all cancers, and then the community at large. In doing this we provide the bold leadership needed to refocus our health care system from treatment to prevention

Holistic Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer

breast cancer support photoBy appointment: 917.463.4267
You Can Thrive! Foundation has created the only survivorship program of its kind. Our community gives access to the most helpful integrative resources combined in an innovative way to provide maximum benefits.

°Relief: Symptom Reduction
°Prevention Education and healthy lifestyle resources for a feeling of empowerment to overcome fear.

At You Can Thrive! we partner with our community to provide a network of strength, and direct RELIEF. We do this by engaging each survivor in their own recovery.

Services available to our clients are:


• Patient navigator/advocate, access anytime by calling our offices 917.463.4267

• Certified nutritional counselor/coach to help clients identify your needs or goals and understand how to best implement that course of action in your life. Encouraging healthier lifestyle practices.

• Relaxation or stress reduction modalitiy: Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Tapping (EFT), Polarity or Therapeutic Sound and Meditation
• Acupuncture with a highly qualified specialized therapist
• Therapeutic Sound and Meditative movement and/or exercise classes weekly plus special events
• Bedside care in the event of mastectomy, hospitalization or need for end of life care
• Unconditional love and understanding of breast cancer Thrivers! all supporting each other in an informal and relaxed atmosphere

The You Can Thrive! volunteer pool consists of a highly trained, focused and caring professionals, with a special affinity towards this cause. They volunteer their time in service of breast cancer survivors. If you fit into one of our programs, apply to give service for a life enriching outlet.

This program is made possible by our communty of volunteers, Avon Foundation For Women and your donations! Be Pink For People! Donate today.