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The most pure and effective therapeutic oils available, corporate sponsors:
Young Living Oils
Pertinent Info On Complimentary Medicine & Cancer:
Annie Appleseed Project
The Tapping Solution:
An amazing resource and technique for everyone.

A few of our Amazing Volunteers:

  • Aroymist Spa Gives services weekly for our clients.
  • Phyllis H. Abend, LMT, RPP, LAc, NCTM Polarity, Acupuncture, intuitive massage.
  • New York State Reflexology Association Provides support for our reflexology programming.

    Corporate Support and Benefactors
    Event Sponsors

    Pertinent Links:

    The following are links to those we've had contact with and found to be helpful and humanitarian.
  • Help for uninsured patients. see this page if you are uninsured or unable to afford screening.
  • Resources and Links Columbia University Medical Center New York City
  • Free local screening programs New York State
  • Vipassana Meditation an ancient technique to overcome suffering. Affordable for everyone..
  • Tapping: An amazing resource and technique for all issues.
  • B4BC: A surfing retreat for breast cancer survivorship.
  • Ralph Moss Helping survivors sort through therapies, treatments and which work best.
  • Annie Appleseed Project Pertinent info for people with cancer
  • The Creative Center Arts for People with Cancer.
  • Young Survival Coalition For young breast cancer survivors facing life with a hard diagnosis.
  • Potions and lotions Penmark Potion ask for Penny!
  • Find Community Supported Agriculture in your neighborhood! Just Food Organization.

  • Want to be an advocate?

  • National Breast Cancer Coalition NBCC Furthers the cause of advocacy training for breast cancer,
  • Community partnerships mean so much to us, thank you for your generosity. If you wish to become a benefactor, receive a link, or get more information please Contact Us