Time: 1PM-5PM EST (with Sound Bath/Reiki Shower at 3:30)
Location: The Center, 208 W 13 St, New York, NY

An afternoon of learning, sharing and building community for lesbians, bisexual women, transgender people, caregivers, friends and loved ones living with and beyond breast cancer.

This event features topics including "The Mind/Body Connection and it's Impact on Your Breast and Chest Health" by Luana DeAngelis; "Breast Cancer and Our Environment" by Janet Grey of the Breast Center Fund; and "Risk Reduction from the Medical Perspective" by Shail Maingi, MD at Montefiore Medical Center!

There will be a South Bath, Reiki Shower, Community Networking and more. **Please bring a yoga mat, blanket warm socks and pillow for your comfor in recieving.

RSVP by contacting the Lesbian Cancer Initiative at (646) 556-9294

*Can't come? Donate on behalf of someone with cancer. All proceeds benefit our free and low cost holistic palliative survivor programming.

Featuring VERY special Energy and Sound Therapists:

Brothers of the Gong: Sunseed & Michael J

AlySun Panachi, MA, MT-BC, LCAT, Board Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner

Luana DeAngelis, Reiki Master / Founder

Eloise DeLeon, Reiki Master

Darius Wigfall, Reiki Master Teacher

Katie Kozlowski, Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner, Reiki Therapist, NLP Practioner

Sunday October 19th! 11:30-2:30PM

Join us to cheer at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

We will see you there bright and pretty with all of the YCT crew!
Chelsea Waterside Park (MAP)
From: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm @ West 23rd Street & 11th Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Directions: Cheering Station is located inside the park on the path at the intersection of West 23rd Street and 11th Avenue. Join Friends of YCT and help us encourage and support the amazing walkers.

By Subway: C, E Train to 23rd Street station. M/23 Bus to 10th Ave from other 23rd St Subway Stations


Date: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Time: 1PM-3PM EST
Location: Union Square, New York, NY (Meet in front of the Subway Rotunda at 1PM)

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Join the YCT Nutritional team and other Thrivers! For a very special field trip. Illustrating the best way to transition into fall and learn all about eating right for your own personal prevention plan! This event is free but donations are welcome!

Spend an afternoon in produce Nirvana at the Union Square Farmer's Market with our Nutritional Counselors. Discover New Yorks long harvest of cool weather crops and which foods are local for every season throughout the year.

This is your chance to explore new fruits, vegetables, honeys and get your questions answered.

Looking forward to foraging with you!!

Sound Bath & Reiki Shower
Sound Bath Breast Cancer Support

Date & Time:   August 23 2014, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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You Can Thrive!
535 W 23rd St.
Entertainment Room
New York, New York 10011 Map it
Phone Number: 917.463.4267
Cost: $20+ donation *survivor price Space is limited so RSVP or BUY AN ADVANCE TICKET:

Raise your frequency! Get showered with Reiki and Bathed in Sound at this very special event. Bliss awaits you! Join us for TWO HOURS of Reiki and Live Sound. The most brilliant sound therapists in our area have joined forces with prominent Reiki givers from to provide a very special experience. Float and drift on a bed of healing sound. If you haven't experienced this before you will be amazed at the feelings. If you have then you've already jumped to get in on it!!

Come ready to languish in the sound and float to new frequencies.

*Please bring Yoga Mat, Blankets, Pillows and whatever you need to be comfortable.
*Slots are given first to survivors and caretakers of any type of cancer, but general tickets may be available to all
*Can't come? Donate anyway! All proceeds benefit our free and low cost holistic palliative survivor programming.

Featuring very special guest Reiki and music therapists from around the area:

Luana DeAngelis, Reiki Master / Founder

Eloise DeLeon, Reiki Master

Darius Wigfall, Reiki Master Teacher

Katie Kozlowski, Rising Star Teacher and Practitioner, Reiki Therapist, NLP Practioner

Saturday, July 19th 1pm - 3pm

Meditation for Difficult Times

Join us!:
Mediation Breast Cancer July 19th, 1-3PM
NY, NY 10011 (between 10th and 11th Aves)

Phone: 917-463-4267

Daily meditation is a must do for anyone seeking to overcome obstacles and negative thought patterns of the mind. Learn a powerful technique to help you maintain equanimity and find grace to be 'skillful' during even the most explosive or disheartening situations. Join us for this event which will be followed by a Thriver! circle sisterhood group. Feel free to bring a cushion or mat or snack to share with you!

Please bring a friend to introduce to this technique and help support you in your practice!

Suggested donation: $10

June 21rd - Special Thrivers Circle Event - Skincare Detox
With Kaylee Schanda & Luana DeAngelis

(Suggested donation: $10 includes supplies)
June 21, 1-3PM
535 W 23RD ST. S8R,
NY, NY 10011 (between 10th and 11th Aves)
Space is limited so RSVP required.

Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark Your Calendar

The average woman uses 12 products containing 168 different ingredients daily. Many cosmetic chemicals are designed to penetrate into the skin's inner layers, and they do. Consequently, some common cosmetic ingredients turn up in people's bodies. Among them: industrial plasticizers called phthalates; parabens, which are preservatives; and persistent fragrance components like musk xylene.

Are levels found in our bodies causing biological damage?

This special event will focus on the importance of using products that contain only good, healthy ingredients and educate you on on why parabens and other chemicals ingredients are so detrimental to your health. We will also illustrate the importance of SPF, AND CRAFT OUR OWN HEALTHY SUNSCREEN!! Simple facials await, while afterwards we debunk the myths of "oil-free" products.

Learn how to improve any skin with the oil cleansing method (OCM). The OCM is the process of cleansing your face naturally with noncomedogenic and chemical-free carrier and essential oils in replace of face washes, toners, and astringents. We will also be teaching how to make homemade sunscreen and let you sample yummy products for all your skin care needs.

About Kaylee Schanda
Born and raised in California, inspired and transformed in New York City, Kaylee Tegan Schanda is a holistic health and wellness enthusiast who seeks to use her positivity and creativity to generate a sense of fulfillment and beauty in the world. As a lifelong athlete, fitness and nutrition are of second nature; mental focus and meditation are primitive. She is a graduate of New York University and holds her Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing. She currently lives and works in New York City.

About Luana DeAngelis
As a pioneer in the field of integrative healthcare and prevention, Luana DeAngelis created You Can Thrive! to transform the way cancer survivorship is approached, through a cutting-edge volunteer run, multi-disciplinary program designed to change the aftercare paradigm for cancer.

May 3rd - Qi Gong for Breast Cancer

May 3, 3PM
535 W 23RD ST. S8R,
NY, NY 10011 (between 10th and 11th Aves)
Space is limited so RSVP required.

Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark Your Calendar

The May 3rd Qi Gong class will focus on internal, energetic and meditative self care. Using focused breathing, visualization, color and some self massage, we will explore simple yet highly effective techniques of Qi Gong self healing.

Utilizing the theoretical perspective of "upper, middle, lower and interior, exterior" levels of qi energy in the body, we will remove toxic qi and build with nourishing qi. We will connect our body qi with heaven qi and earth qi, integrating and using Universal Healing Energy that is available for us.

Tim Chambers is a certified Qi Gong Healing Practitioner by Robert Peng, a world renoun Chinese Qi Gong master. Tim is also certified in level II Wan's 3E acupuncture method by Giorgio Repeti.

Strategic Healing - Tim Chambers

Spring is here time to CLEAN and GROW!

April 19th - "Spring Reiki Shower and Sound Bath"
Spring Shower & Bath Tickets

$50 donation Gives TWO HOURS of Reiki and Live Sound and supports a great cause. You will be amazed at the feelings. Come ready to languish in the sound and float to new frequencies. Please bring Yoga Mat, Blankets, Pillows and whatever you need to be comfortable.

Saturday, April 19 3-5pm
@You Can Thrive!
535 W 23rd. St. Entertainment Center

Featuring Katie Down, MM, MMT, MT-BC, LCAT Music Therapy & Luana DeAngelis, Reiki Master / Founder along with the special guest Reiki therapists from around the area:

Eloise De Leon
Manna Lu
Christine Taylor
Yelena Grutman

Get showered with Reiki and Bathed in Sound at this very special event. Bliss awaits you!

Space is limited so RSVP required.
Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark Your Calendar

Can't come? Consider making a donation anyway! This event will pay for rental space for our survivor programming until the Fall.

(Thriver Circle event to happen from 5-6 for survivors only)

This is a fundraiser event open to ticketed persons 25 max. All proceeds fund our Thrivers events through the fall!

March 22nd - "Kitchen Rehab & 12 Step Food Tasting"
With Donna Vestuti, Debbie Pirrone and Pamela Warren
Saturday, March 22nd 3-5pm
@You Can Thrive!
535 W 23rd. St. Entertainment Center

It's Spring cleaning...for your kitchen! Time to detox the kitchen and clean out the cabinets of toxic foods, condiments, storage containers and cleaning products. Learn about Green Cleaning with e-cloths and how to prepare healthy foods and alternatives using the new replacement products. Among our creations will be creative quinoa dishes, healing live juices and recipes for hair and nail health.

All events are held at $8+ donation.
We ask for a $20.00 donation for non-survivors.
Space is limited so RSVP required.

Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark your Calendar

Saturday March 1st 3:00-5:00pm

Thrivers Circle Event! You Can Thrive! "Sound Bath"

Change your frequency!!

All events are held at $8+ donation.
We ask for a $20.00 donation for non-survivors.
Space is limited so RSVP required.

Phone: 917-463-4267
Calendar: Mark your calendar (click to add)!

In March @You Can Thrive! Besides our peer supportive time, we share sound healing!! Come bathe in the sound of large, resonant crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks, Indian shruti box and voice. Sound Baths promote relief from stress and anxiety, help to alleviate pain, reduce emotional pressure and help to balance the nervous system. Each sound bath starts with aromatherapy, breath work and a 10-minute guided meditation. Through deep, mindful listening comes connection. Young Living essential oils offered to enliven and awaken the senses.

Katie Down is a board certified, licensed music psychotherapist with a private practice in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She incorporates improvisation, sound healing, mindfulness meditation and talk therapy, providing her clients opportunities to express and release emotions through a creative and holistic approach to well-being.

Friday February 21st 6:30-10:00pm

Free Holistic Bazaar @ Reflections Yoga Studio

Sponsored by and Thanks to Naini Nakagawa for her donation.

Join You Can Thrive! for a great fun event. See us in action. Get a taste of our programs and enjoy raw food, tea, organic chocolates, massages, reiki, jewelry, and a great health minded group of world changers! Community health at it's finest.

See YCT in Action

Reflections Center for Conscious Living
250 W. 49th Street Floor 2
(between 8th & Broadway)
New York, NY 10019
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A Thrivers Circle Event:

"Balance Body, Mind and Spirit Anywhere!
Reflexology and Yoga in a Chair" By our beloved Birgit Nagele

Saturday, February 8th! 4-6pm

Join us for a workshop with reflexologist, Birgit Nagele, ARCB, LVCYT. Birgit will be giving a presentation that teaches you how to use yoga and reflexology for self-care.

Implementing self care is essential to a survivorship plan for the best possible outcome after a cancer diagnosis. You Can Thrive! is thrilled to bring you experts in many fields to teach our self-care in a supportive, community-centered atmosphere.

@You Can Thrive!
535 W 23rd. St. Entertainment Center
$8 minimum donation. Healthy food for sharing is welcome.


All Thrivers Circle events will be Saturdays from 3-5pm in our Chelsea offices unless otherwise stated: (click to add to calendar)

March 1 "Sound as Therapy" Special featured guest
March 22 Upcoming Details
April 19th Upcoming Details
May 3rd Upcoming Details

Various Dates "Spa Day for Thrivers!" at Aryomist Spa! Survivors will be treated to complimentary eyelash extensions or massage, facials, eyebrows, and other services. Please contact YCT to register so we may book your service space is limited.

"Food as Medicine"

Image courtesy of Praisaeng /
A YCT Thrivers Circle Event

Saturday, January 11th!

See you There!!


Image courtesy of Praisaeng /

Renowned chef and nutrition counselor Donna Vestuti joins our brilliant long-standing nutritional coach Debbie Pirrone for an powerful afternoon of education and kinship. You Can Thrive! is offering yummy recipes to sample, and knowledge workshops on how to use food as a powerful tool to keep you healthy in 2014 and beyond. *We ask participants to request a medicinal recipe from -- prepare and bring it to share!!
This is a community of caring and learning hands on is the best way.
Our Survivor Circle meets once a month and will now take place on Saturdays! 
Visit our NEW blog for an amazing original recipe for Healthy Shepards Pie!  and more sample recipes from this very special event!



Saturday January 11th 4-6:PM

@You Can Thrive! 
535 W 23rd. St. Entertainment Center


 $8 donation.

Don't Miss Our Next "UBER Special"

Holiday Survivor Circle

Sunday, December 8th, 2013, 4-6PM

 Special Potluck Pre-Holiday Mood Boost Session!!
See you There!!

This is NOT your average support group! Our Survivor Circle offers peer support and holistic self-care tools for moving forward after a diagnosis of breast cancer.  This December we're having a special event at the circle so don't miss it!! PSST!! It may include a talk on 'oils for issues' and an aromatherapy gift.  Bring a dish to share with 10 and lets move forward, mend and make new friends. 
The date and times for the next Survivorship Circle is Sunday:

December 8th, 2013 4pm-6pm

535 West 23rd Street (Between 10th and 11th Ave.)
New York, NY 10011


$8 donation


Friday, Nov. 15, 2013, 7-9pm

Venerable Bhikkhu Varapañño - Join us as we gather Sangha under a full moon.

A dhamma talk to share Buddha's wisdom. Suitable for anyone interested in adding more peace and balance to their busy New York lives, followed by a group full moon meditation.
Led by: Ven. Bhikkhu Varapañño a Buddhist monk and master acupuncturist. Formally known as Giorgio Repeti, L.Ac. He has practiced and taught acupuncture and massage for over sixteen years and is a direct disciple of Grandmaster Wan's 3E method. He is the author of Wan's Clinical Application of Chinese Medicine.

In cooperation with:
@ The Tate
535 West 23rd Street (10th & 11th Aves)
Entertainment Lounge

To register call 917.463.4267 or email
*space is limited to 25, please register & bring a cushion!
Suggested donation $20 at door. Please, donate what you can afford. Proceeds benefit You Can Thrive! to provide integrative care and advocacy for women with breast cancer.

This event will also include:
Meaning Amidst Chaos:
Finding fulfillment, balance and the ability to give service in the midst of this environment is a true journey. In this conversation Luana DeAngelis, founder of You Can Thrive! speaks from the Buddhist perspective, and listens as we try to hash out some clarity on how to maintain, build, and use our merit for the good of others-- despite the strains of everyday urban life and the responsibilities of a householder.

Kirtan by:
Kyoko Jasper. After two decades of a career as an actress Kyoko experienced the devastation of 9-11-2001. This led to an undeniable calling in her heart to dedicate herself to spread peace and healing all over the world through Yoga and other healing methods. She now runs her own RYT Yoga teacher training program in NYC and is an international Kirtan performer.

New York, October 19-20 2013

Donate to our team today!! Come out to Cheer with us, contact our office for details.

ABC EYEWITNESS NEWS CHANNEL 7 Covers You Can Thrive! in our quest for a permanent home.

Feb 28-March 2, 2013 You Can Thrive! Founder Luana to speak on "Essential Oils in Cancer Care for the Whole Person" Annie Appleseed Conference

7th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference

- 20 speakers, Patient Panel, Exhibits, Giveaways, 5 Organic meals and great Florida winter weather. People who have attended say the contacts are so worth it.
But this year if you cannot be there in person -

Tune in for Live Video Streaming over the Internet

LIVE STREAM is open for Registration - $99 allows UNLIMITED access for up to ONE MONTH! MUST register ASAP.
Watch as a GROUP!
Find us Annie Appleseed Conference on Facebook or follow on Twitter (@annieappleseed)

Registration is now open.
We hope you can join us via the internet if you can't attend in person for
this inspiring and information-filled conference.

BREAST CANCER AND THE CHALLENGE OF FEAR is the only website and nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to funding a charitable meditation course for those living with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Throughout our journey as survivors and in speaking to others like us, we have recognized the overwhelming need for the ability to overcome fear, so that those diagnosed with breast cancer can avoid undue psychological trauma, and/or suffering. In the grip of fear, many do not take the time to concentrate on healing the mind and body or to make decisions about their health with a calmness and clarity of mind. Our organization seeks to provide a specific primary service, to enable diagnosed people to attend a 10 day meditation course that will help to establish a mind-body relationship for healing and clarity of thought. We recognize that many have responsibilities that make leaving for 10 days difficult. We seek to provide resources to compensate for time off from work to attend the nearest meditation course, travel expenses and/or day-care for children for that time period. While diagnosis often creates a feeling of being overwhelmed, sitting in silence, learning techniques that help to purify the mind and body of blocked energy, and growing in awareness can change feelings of despair to feelings of self- empowerment and survival.

Breast Cancer Patient Resource Foundation is a nonprofit organization created in New York for people in the United States diagnosed with or concerned about breast cancer. Please visit our website for information, grants, resources, and support. We will be updating our website periodically. Our foundation will soon be recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We welcome support from individuals and other foundations who have funds that can be allocated towards our goal of raising money for the principal budget for generating grants to individuals.



We focus available funds on support and nurturing survivors seeking to take a 10 day silent  Vipassana mediation course in order to maintain the balance of their minds during a very difficult period. We see a future where corporations and good citizens who are sensitized to this disease of breast cancer, are willing to provide an avenue to fund those patients interested in learning this technique and gaining the insight offered by this ancient wisdom. We would like to make this retreat more feasible by offering limited support, and/or travel expenses for patients, so that stress from time off will not be an overwhelming factor for patients wishing to attend a course near them.

Vipassana is a powerful ancient meditation technique to cultivate awareness of the body, the mind, and the external environment. By focusing on the breath and sensations in the body, the technique works to ease stresses in the body, strengthen the mind-body relationship to enhance healing and to generate calmness of mind. While Vipassana may or may not alleviate the causes of cancer, we believe that it helps to optimize the capacity of the body and mind to heal as the patient undergoes their treatments of choice. At the very minimum, this course offers 10 days of silent time and introspection for women to contemplate the challenge before them so they may approach life with a renewed vigor.


Our program focuses exclusively on breast cancer survivors who are beginning to heal and who need help to concentrate on recovery during and after the trauma of the diagnosis and treatment. While there are a variety of programs that target the financially bereft community with screening and education, this program wishes to support those already suffering and making decisions with an invaluable wisdom needed to overcome pain, stress, anxiety and suffering, regardless of the outcome. Our goal is to help people learn this technique in order to:
* Alleviate preventable suffering, disability, and psychosocial distress for those living with, through, and beyond cancer.
* Promote appropriate management following diagnosis and/or treatment to ensure the maximum number of years of healthy life for cancer survivors.
* Support cancer survivors in accessing the resources and the family, peer, and community support they need to cope with their disease.

Many diagnosed experience great difficulty in making the transition from being ill to living as a survivor, this technique offers liftime help during and after this transition.
To optimize the very meaning of charity, this retreat is offered worldwide and always free, this fund is to further help those sisters and wives and mothers and brothers who struggle daily after a breast cancer diagnosis. We strive to make it easier for those wishing to take time off to strengthen their mind and body for the battle ahead.