You Can Thrive! provides access to healthy resources Meditation and exercise are key to recovery and long term health in breast cancer.
*Research shows that physical activity can protect against breast cancer. also Mindfull Meditation reduces stress for breast cancer. *Just 3 hours of physical exercise each week can cut the risk of breast cancer recurrence by up to 50%

ExerThrive!™ Join us! Alternating SundaysGong Yoga

Announcing a new partnership with:

You Can Thrive! has enthusiastically partnered with Reflections to create a elevating yoga class exclusively for cancer survivors. "Vibrational Gong Yoga" incorporates gentle restorative and chair yoga postures into a dynamic flow, paired with the ancient healing and sacred sounds of the live gong to create deep meditative brainwave states. This hour long Sunday series will leave you feeling relaxed and empowered through movement, while leaving your vibrational energy charged and aligned.

Place: Reflections Center
227 East 24th Street
(Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue) New York City MAP IT

Time: 1:45pm-2:45pm
January 25th, 2015
February 8th, 2015
February 22nd, 2015
March 8th, 2015
March 22nd, 2015 and second Sundays thereafter.

Cost: Free, but please register @YouCanThrive Call 917.463.4267

Active clients are also able to attend recommended classes at Reflections for free anytime!! Call for details.

*Please be advised that there are stairs. Depending on the studio, there may not be wheelchair access to the building, please call Reflections in advance at 212.974.2288

Featured Practitioners

Paula Tursi, Founder & Director of Reflections Yoga
Paula Tursi is the Founder and Director of Reflections Center Yoga and the internationally renowned Reflections Yoga Teacher Training Program. She has been working with alternative healing practices in New York City and internationally for over twenty years. Paula developed Reflections Yoga as a way to integrate what she found most inspiring in other practices with her own personal truth. She began her training at Integral Yoga, where she studied Hatha and restorative Yoga. She went on to work with esteemed teachers such as Angela Farmer and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the art of asana and movement, breath work and meditation. Paula has been voted one of the top ten meditation teachers in NYC.

Sunseed, Gong Practitioner
Sunseed is a professional Gong Sound Healer and a certified Reiki practitioner. He studied under Don Conreaux at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York. He has also studied Sound Therapy with the SAGE Academy for the Healing Arts. Sunseed co-founded Brother's Of The GONG to offer transvolutionary sound attunements bi-weekly. These events place participants in deep meditative states activating the body's self healing response. Through his service for You Can Thrive, he brings a powerful technique to energize and regulate from the inside out.

Other Healthy Resources

It is essential for Breast Cancer survivors to exercise 3 hours per week.

Per our partnership with Y4C please attend these free classes. See our events page for more ExerThrive! Events.
Yoga for Cancer

FREE Community Class:

Register for classes on Wednesdays

  • When: every Tuesday at 4:15pm
  • Where: Virayoga, 580 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10012
  • Who: a community class is open to all cancer survivors and patients.

Advanced registration for the class is required. The class will be capped at 15 people so early registration is recommended.
To register, please see below:

  • Existing Y4C participants – Please click here. (Your registration process will be identical to other classes; you simply will not need to apply any payment.)
  • New students – Please see here to register.

Open to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer and clients of You Can Thrive!
Donations gratefully accepted.

MORE Free classes for cancer survivors:

JCC Manhattan Has a large schedule of classes. Join now!


An increasing body of research literature has shown that psychological states have clear impact on recovery and quality of life in women with breast cancer. Psychosocial variables such as emotional expression, coping styles, and factors related to social support appear to have the most promise for improving quality of life and increasing the probability of prolonged survival.

The New England Journal Of Medicine published an article illustrating that weight lifting is helpful in reducing Lymphadema. Do it now ExerThrive!