Movements today for moving forward.

You Can Thrive! provides free access to healthy resources for women who have, have had, or are at high risk for breast cancer. Meditation and exercise are key to recovery and long term health in breast cancer. *Research shows that physical activity can protect against breast cancer. Also regular Mindful Meditation helps to reduce stress and alleviate symptoms from breast cancer treatment. *Just 3 hours of physical exercise each week can cut the risk of breast cancer recurrence by up to 50%

YCT offers FREE daily yoga and meditation classes for eligible members including...

  • Sound Meditation & Reiki Restoration - guided meditation session with therapeutic gong sounds and healing Reiki
  • Franklin Method Yoga - repairing the body & restoring mobility through dynamic movement, alignment, and prop use
  • Bare Bones & Basic Flow - rudimentary yoga classes and basic poses for people of all skill levels and body types
  • Dynamic Stretch & Deep Stretch - work on mobility and flexibility while improving coordination and strengthening your core
  • Yin Yoga - improve flexibility and joint health and quiet the restless mind through slow-moving, meditative floor poses

  • ...and much more! If you're already a Thriver, click "Book A Class" to sign up for classes via MindBody. If you are not currently a member with YCT and are a woman living with breast cancer, call/email the YCT office today to join FOR FREE and access these offerings!


    Thanks to REFLECTIONS YOGA for their kindness & generosity

    Our Thrivers are entitled to FREE daily yoga and meditation classes of all skill levels held at Reflections Yoga! Every day there are several offerings throughout the day that we are able to sign up A LIMITED NUMBER of our Thrivers to per session. If you're a Thriver, call/email the YCT office OR login to mindbodyonline.com to sign up today! If you are not currently a Thriver, but have or have had breast cancer, then you are eligible for a free YCT membership and FREE yoga classes at Reflections! Inquire today for more details.

    The Reflections Center for Conscious Living And Yoga is located in Kips Bay at 227 East 24th Street, ground level. Please be advised that there are stairs and no elevator at the studio, call/email the YCT office for more accessibility information.




    An increasing body of research literature has shown that psychological states have clear impact on recovery and quality of life in women with breast cancer. Psychosocial variables such as emotional expression, coping styles, and factors related to social support appear to have the most promise for improving quality of life and increasing the probability of prolonged survival.

    Every little bit counts, and every day is another chance to try something new! The smallest of actions, even a 20-30 minute walk, or a few minutes of yoga or pilates poses, done on a regular basis can improve long-term health and wellness!

    The New England Journal Of Medicine published an article illustrating that weight lifting is helpful in reducing Lymphadema. Do it now & ExerThrive!