From Surviving to Thriving!

Support People with Breast Cancer be Pink for People You Can Thrive! has effectively addressed the need for free and low-cost preventative support services and long- term survivorship tools for breast cancer survivors.

“Compassion is a feeling deep in the heart that you cannot bear someone else’s suffering without taking steps to relieve it.“ Dalai Lama

Our innovative wellness model helps people diagnosed with breast cancer to gain relief from symptoms, learn about prevention for a better outcome, and then pass that on to their families and communities.

Professional volunteers give their time and services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, therapeutic sound, reflexology, Reiki and tapping to reduce symptoms, while others provide tools like environmental and nutritional education, exercise and meditation, peer support/advocacy. We can than provide resources for training those survivors who wish to make a difference for others after their experience.

"Give a woman a fish and she will eat, teach a woman to fish and she will feed her entire community." Women are the beginning of a world of educated families and the key to widespread knowledge on better health.

"A Safe Space to Heal"

We all know it is quite prohibitive for those with cancer to afford any services above and beyond co-pays for treatment. Qualified practitioners volunteer to give service for your wellbeing, in a community setting.
Access to care should not determine suffering or outcome from a diagnosis. You Can Thrive! welcomes all members of the breast cancer 'sisterhood.' Make an appointment, become a benefactor or community partner, get involved, or link to our page. Contact us.

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