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Join Us in OCTOBER 2016 for an Extraordinary Event...

Location to be announced.

Sonic Reiki Slumber

A high-value gift bag with eyeshades, skincare & herbal sleep aids will be provided. Gift bags provided by ABC Carpet & Home, with Eyeshades by Nidra, skincare by Origins, Raw Chocolate by Brooklyn Dark & Caracao Confections and more more more!! Sponsorship and Supplements by Vitahealth Apothecary additional Sponsorship by Mazen Kamen, MD.

Friends of Mitchell Gaynor come together on an event that will be dedicated to author, doctor, and visionary Mitchell Gaynor, MD *All proceeds benefit the Mitchell Gaynor Therapeutic Sound Fund at You Can Thrive! to provide free therapeutic sound for people with cancer weekly and at bedside. Participants of Pt. 2 must bring warm bedding to create a nest to receive all night.

The Inspiration:
Silvia Nakkach is a Grammy Award nominated singer and provides participants with “Yoga of the Voice” important work on finding your voice.The founder of You Can Thrive!, Luana DeAngelis, worked closely with Mitchell Gaynor during the last years of his life to design and support programs utilizing sound and other modalities for people with cancer. During their work together they spoke extensively about someday hosting an all-night soundscape event.

The Benefits:
The purpose of this event is to allow participants to receive the abundant benefits of vibrating the body’s structure all night with the beneficial harmonics and overtones of sacred sound. In doing so, participants may find therapeutic changes that last long after the event’s conclusion.

The Experience:
If you’ve never experienced this type of event; trust us, the sound & energy will lull you into a dreamlike cocoon. All you’ll need is a soft place to rest and comfy clothes. Participants may experience an alpha/theta brainwave state for much of the experience (half asleep/half awake). This is the state where the body & subconscious can be reprogrammed and revitalized. Adults, unlike children, rarely experience this state. Therapeutic sound can produce many positive epigenetic cellular changes. Our goal is to provide you maximum benefit & healing states for your overall health.


Weekly Therapeutic Sound & Reiki

Every Thursday at Reflections Yoga at 5:30pm

You Can Thrive! invites you to join us for a sound celebration dedicated to the contributions of our board member Dr. Mitchell Gaynor. We celebrate his memory by sharing this modality with the general public by donation. Every dollar will benefit people with cancer through the Mitchell Gaynor Therapeutic Sound Fund providing direct relief services and sound programs at You Can Thrive!

The method of using ancient healing and therapeutic sounds of the live gong, tuning forks, bowls and other instruments to create deep meditative brainwave states was in large part pioneered by Mitch Gaynor. Join us for an hour every week to honor the methods of Dr. Mitchell Gaynor and his contributions to cancer survivors though the work of You Can Thrive! Come and have your vibrational energy charged and aligned.

Place: Reflections Center
227 East 24th Street (Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue) New York City MAP IT
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Date: Every Thursday Evening MARK YOUR CALENDAR
Cost: By donation

Call our office or click this paypal link or button to reserve your slot


Active clients are also able to attend recommended classes at Reflections for free anytime.
Call or email the YCT office for details.

Please be advised that there are stairs at the Reflections Yoga Studio and so certain classes may be inaccessible for persons in wheelchairs. Please contact the YCT office with any questons or concerns.